Parents Become Bullied On Social media Too

Cyberbullying is a enormous problem among kids, however, many people don't understand that parents may receive cyberbullied also. Social networking bullies often target parents that are asking for information or trying to socialize. Facebook parenting groups are famous for being cliquish and unwelcoming to parents that combine. And it's not just a surprise that parents're displaying bad behavior on line. Studies have shown that individuals feel empowered to be cruel or mean online in a way that they would perhaps not inperson. Children pick up on that and eventually become bullies themselves when they listen to parents discuss the way they bully the others on line.

I Was A Victim

I used to be a casualty of internet mom bullying when I joined a neighborhood parent Facebook group. A brand new participant in the staff asked a concern regarding a school event and was instantly designated for anguish from the others in the group. When I defended the brand new mommy the group turned on me. Obviously, I am an adult, so that I had been better equipped to deal with the bullying than a child will be. However, it was still very upsetting and frightening.

Zero person deserves to be bullied

After the other moms at the group chose to create my life as difficult as you possibly can they started sending me tens of thousands of messages and annoys me. One kept telling me to kill myself as my kids would be better off without me. As fast as I would block them they would build new dummy reports and message me . And on facebook, you can't block strangers from sending you messages.

The Bullies Gain Strength

They started messaging every one in my face book friends list saying terrible things about me personally. Plus so they phoned my boss and tried to get me fired. They almost did get me fired. My boss told me to keep my personal problems out of the workplace because he was angry that they were emailing and calling constantly. They even had their kiddies harass my kiddies at school. It had been dreadful. And if it had been very troubling for me as an adult I cannot even imagine how difficult it really is for a young child to manage that sort of behaviour.

We teach our children to not question, why not we do exactly the same? What You Can Do

You are not responsible for people bullying you and you are not responsible for the activities of the others. If you're being bullied on social networking accounts your bullies and prevent them. Keep a record of every message and every incident so that you can report them in the town where you reside. Additionally, check out Kiwi Searches when they've done something like this before. But there are also some way to safeguard yourself on the Web to stop any severe consequences if you do get bullied like:

Don't list your employer publicly on your own profile. This merely tells people how to frighten you even further.

Do not list your address or any personal information publicly in your own profile. Be certain that all of your security settings are locked down tight.

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